Mämmiä ja pitsiä

 Keväällä sain nukkis-sisareltani  Paulalta tuokkosellisen ihan oikeaa mämmiä,
pienten tyttöjen herkkua!

 Mämmi, c'est un dessert traditionnel finlandais pour Pâques.

 Rye pudding, in Finnish called mämmi, on Easter it's our traditional dessert.

Minivirkkaus on mukavaa! Viskoosilankaa ja koukku 0,4mm.

 J'aime faire les linges des crochet.

I have made this line from viscose yarn with 0,40mm crochet hook.


Tausta, the background

I'd like to tell You something about the background of my blog.

Hilsu was my fathers aunt, I remember her well from my childhood.

In the background are some loveletters. 
Those wrote Hilsus parents in year 1901.

The photo above left: Hilsus mother, Ida.

Left: Hilsus mother and brother.

Hilsu is in the two single portrait.

Here is also one letter which wrote my fathers sister when they were children. 
It is wrote to aunt-Hilsu.



Punontakokeiluista on syntynyt
jotain valmistakin.

I have made this sack from the "birch bark", self painted paper.

Le sac à dos.  J'ai le fait en l'écorce.



Hienohelma ruskamatkalla Lapissa.     

      Autumn colors in Lapland.

Les couleurs de l'automne á Laponie.